My new Green Cruiser, What a wreck, fix or part out?

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Nov 1, 2004
fl -FWB

Okay there's the link to Pics!

So hey and hello,
I am an FJ40 person for the last 8 years (restored 2 so far) and I found this jem through a friend of a friend of a cousin and then another friend. The price couldn't be beat and it was much less than my wifes 08 Dodge Charger monthly car payment so that took the wind out of her sails.
Its an 81 FJ60 - Motor runs - needs a carb rebuild, clutch master cyclinder, brake shoes for the rear, brake calipers in front are frozen, possible a new clutch-pressure plate (have those parts on a spare engine) a couple wiring demons-like turn signals and parking lights don't work, radiator has a hole (I think), rust on the rear quarter panels, drivers side doors both dented, and windshield cracked. Also rust holes around the rear chrome drip rain gutter thingy.
Me and my two workhorse nephew's have pressure washed it at least 4 times now and mud clay is still coming off. There is no time limit on rebuilding it or parting it or selling it.

I just would like some honest opinions on what would you do with it? Thanks Ray
Looks like fun if you do it with family and friends.If the frame is ok,its doable. Id replace not fix doors and hood.Look for bargains. 2 cents Mike
Also does anybody know the spline count for the 81, four speed to transfer case shaft? 16 or 19 ? -- And yes my two workhorse nephews have taken a shine to it already. Great time to teach them the basics of the craft.
I vote fix it up! And take that log of a bumper off.
My vote is to part it out. If you want a workable truck, look for one that is in better shape. There are still a fair number of them out there.
You are fortunate indeed to have 2 youngsters who want to work on the cruiser. You have a tough choice between doing a great family project or being practical about the money and time it will consume to resurrect something that has gone too far. If the thing runs and can be made safe for cheap, I would say work on it with the kids. I am assuming that they would like to use it? Learn to drive in it? Ride woods roads? First car for high school?

Discuss the pros and cons with the 2 boys...either way they are going to learn stuff...either the workings of a LandCruiser or the reality that there are some projects that you should walk away from.

If you part out, let them be part of that project and share in the proceeds. Business 101
Part it out, take the money and buy a better family project. You can buy a pretty clean, solid 60 for about 2-3k and you'll make just about that parting it out.

I'll help you start! Sell me the front driveshaft!!!!
I'd part it out and get something in slightly better shape. Someone else said, involve the family. I know as a youngin' I didn't care if it was coming part or together, just as long as I was with wrench in hand. I'd move on to another in better shape.

Good luck and have fun either way!
We have a NW florida toyota club? In which part of the handle are you located?

Edit- Crestview? Sounds good, I might have to roll up there and check this thing out. I'm down in Destin
Im in Fort Walton right across from LOWES.. Fliphkd778. The FJ60 does run but it would be a good beater at best, I would not do a full restore on it. Trim the rust off the rear quarters and put a sliders on. I'm with you on the log of a bumper, but it would make a nice air tank! (if someone wanted it - of course just selling it for scrap would be $$ also) I have 2 or 3 people that have sparked intrested in it and just selling it out right and being done with it. One guy just wants the motor.. Hmmm...
Well the wife gets back tomorrow and after talking to her I may just change this to a classifieds ad. Thanks for all the input, you guys are nicer to new guys than the 40 series group!

Also my two nephews have always been eager to help with any project I have going on. But I pay them also.. Hint Hint!!!
Hmmm....I also had an '81 I parted out to build my current one. You mind if I come by and see the beast sometime?
As with most things it depends on what your goal is which path to take.

I'll never forget my Dad, brother and I getting an old IH pickup running. We spent a month of weekends getting it safe and reliable. It still looked like the farm truck it was. My brother and I both learned to drive in it. He and I took it on many camping trips into the desert around Las Vegas. It was great.

Not every Cruiser is worthy of restoration, I don't think I would start with something that rough for a resto project. In fact I wouldn't start with something as rough as the one I drive every day. But if you just want a rig that will be fun to drive and for the kids to learn to drive in it looks perfect.

Side note, I firmly believe everyone should learn to drive a clutch before they drive an automatic.
Fliphkd778, Swing by on sunday morning and meet the entire 4x4 club. We will be replacing all the front axle seals on a 80 series in the driveway. Address is -803 kenneth Dr, FWB -- I can get you a hat and our club T-shirt.
And again thanks for everyones input, if you scroll though the website I linked on the first post you will see the last rebuild me and the kids did of the Blue FJ40. Painting in the front yard is fun. hehe....
Wow ! what a weird twist of fate! My wife used reverse psycholgy on me and told me now that I have it - I have to make time to fix it. Also that I could not sell it less unless her price was met. Even if I have to spend another $300 on it. This doesn't make any sense - so I ordered a carb rebuilt kit anyways.. So look for updates as I slowly fix it up.... weird! Ray
Thats awsome man, personally I think it's a diamond in the rough just a couple wacks with your BFH and it'll be good as new haha.
If the goal is a bonding experience with you're kids, I'd say fix it up. Just realize you probably won't get your money back out of it if you decide to sell it unless we are talking full restoration and you've done all the work yourself.

I've got a 62 that looks a great deal better (not bragging) and I'm thinking I should have just parted it out since I doubt I'll profit when I sell it soon. Either way, i've had fun messing with it and fixing it.

Carb rebuild kit came in today, I was just going to pull the top of the carb off and rebuild it from there on the engine. But a friend talked me into pulling the entire carb off and soaking it in some solvent (from auto zone in a paint can) for a day or two to remove the varnish.
This weekend the two nephews and me are headed to Greyrock for the XRRA rock racing series. Starting the sickness early with these two....

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