my new favorite tire

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Jul 2, 2003
Trumansburg, New York
37/13.5R17 Toyo Open Country M/T

finally got a chance to try these out with some general driving, highway high speed and some moderate off road of snow, mud and some packed icy snow. These are by far the quietest tires with a tread like this I've experienced. They tracked really well on the street and were nearly as quiet as my BFG AT's at 40-lbs. They tended to float a bit on the mud but shed just fine. But this is SoCal mtn mud and nothing like anything with some clay or super fine silt. Not a true test of them just yet but so far I'm really happy with them. These are lame-o poser shots of a front view and side shot. This is with the 1.5" wheel spacers and they actually need to come off with this tire/wheel combo.
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you got them mounted? sweet. I know alvaro is considering these tires the next time he needs to replace his set. With all the good reviews I've heard so far, I might consider doing the same.


Lookin good!

How is it now with the new 4.88s?
The 4.88's are great with this setup. Checked against the gps the speedo was less than 1-mph off with these tires. It's about 5-6 mph off with the 315's at 70 mph.
I have been running them on my 3/4 ton truck for a year.. i have almost 50K on them and i love them. mine are 35's but the 37's are a true 37.. I really want these to replace my SSR's but they are COIN... nice tire..
Schweet Clown......:D
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Cool. You confirm my thoughts. I should be getting new tires by fall.

Nice to see them finally on the truck, can't wait to see them up close
Them some huge tires. Nice looking rig, Mike!
Sweet. There is a high probability that those will be my next tires. Just need to wear out the Trxus first.

That is way sweet!
Phil, I have no idea. These were obtained in just about the most obtuse fashion possible. I'm not even sure where I saw them, ebay, craigslist or pirate, but a guy was unloading the set of four after having just mounted them. He was up near NorcalDoug and just showed up at his place one Sunday and told Doug the deal was done. Doug paid the man and I got 'em :rolleyes: Doug then took them to Surf-n-Turf for me (many, many thanks :cheers:) and he and AMMO among others tried to unload them there to anyone looking for that size. I won't tell you how much so you don't feel any pain ;) No biters so that's when AMMO and Skim brought them down to SoCal. They finally brought them over to me on a trail run up to Big Bear where I broke my birfield. I also still had the set of Krawlers. Good God, what a tale.

So, no I have no ideas :hillbilly
Those look awesome. Congrats on the happy purchase. Quick question, though. What is the measurement from hub center to bottom of fenderwell? Mine's about 24" front and back (thanks to MAF spacers on the front to level it out), and I'm just wondering if I can fit these on mine. Thanks.

Tapage said:
Mike if I can ask where you bought those tires . ? and compared ( if anyone can )compare with MTR ..

See 2 posts above yours.

Mike good to see them on the rig. I can say from handling them they are dead on if not dam close to a TRUE 37" Plus they are wide as a mofo, and HEAVY. Remember this is becoming a fav of the desert guys due to the super thick sidewalls, giving the BFG "projects" a run 4 the money.

Looks good CM, if your gonna get rid of your spacers shoot me a PM if ya want to sell.
notyourmomslx450 said:
ThoQuick question, though. What is the measurement from hub center to bottom of fenderwell?


thanks :cheers:
Kazmanff said:
Looks good CM, if your gonna get rid of your spacers shoot me a PM if ya want to sell.

thanks, still need the spacers for the tundra wheels and street tires. these are too purty and $$$ to waste on the freeway ;)

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