My new 1975 FJ40

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Mar 19, 2009
I've previously owned a 2008 LC, a 2009 LX and a 2011 LX, along with a 1994 LC.

I've always wanted an FJ40. Finally found one that's basically all original and rust free and wasn't crazy expensive.

Loving it. It's so helpful to read about all of its little quirks on here (slight lean, etc.) and realize the answer is almost always a quick search away.

FYI the brush guard on the front was welded onto the factory bumper and it folds down to carry a deer or cooler or whatever you want across the front.

Anyway, I'm loving the truck. Currently have the top and doors off. Been driving it every day.

Glad to be back on the forum.
Nice Rig!
The bezel is upside-down.
Is the vin anywhere close to fj40193877?

The VIN is fj40191xxxx. That's crazy on the bezel. I would have never noticed. Obviously done when it was repainted. It's had one owner most of its life. Main owner bought it 2nd hand in 1976 and kept it 38 of its 41 years. He sold it to his neighbor in 2014). I'm the 4th owner. I got a new front emblem coming in next week and I'll fix the bezel then. Thanks for pointing it out
Finally I can't seem to get the pins out to remove the door hinges. Haven't really tried too hard. Got one loose. Any advice on how to get them out would be helpful.
Nice 40 and welcome!
Big F*****ing Hammer - favorite tool of many a backyard wrench . There is a limit , you can bend/destroy things with it's use...

or mushroom the bottom of the pin.
a brass punch would come in handy as well.

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