My new 100 has some weird BIG issues! help please!

Oct 21, 2021
Recently purchased a 1998 Toyota Land Cruiser v8 automatic locked.

1. Cluster does not work

Only seat belt and door light work.
What I've done about it: checked the connections on the back of the cluster and they seem fine and well connected, also checked all my grounds to the battery and chassis and even added some more.

2. OBD2 reader does not read an ECU
When i connect my obd2 scanner it says that there is nothing to be read, no codes, no check engine light.
What I've done about it: Checked ground wires and even added more. Also NEW BATTERY.

3. Wont start UNLESS i connect a ground wire directly to the fuel pump ground
If i dont connect a direct ground from the battery or chassis to the ground on the fuel pump wire the truck wont prime fuel pump and wont start.
What I've done about it: checked all the grounds, battery voltage, but nothing else.

4. When its running, the truck does not move when in gear (reverse, drive, 1234, WONT MOVE AT ALL)
If i move the shifter lever to any gear it will not move at all, it will raise and lower rpm like normally when you put a car in park or in gear but it wont move.
What I've done about it: checked all the linkages and they move fine, checked the transfer case linkages and it seems fine and moves like it should from low to high, engaged the center diff lock and nothing, engaged the rear lock and nothing, driveshafts wont turn when in gear, checked transmission fluid level and seems a bit higher than normal operating level. all the shifter linkages move and select their respective pinions fine. checked all the transmission connectors and they seem well connected.

Things i've gathered so far about this situation:
Thinking something to do with the ECU, the truck has 0 mods on it, although ive read some things about if the windshield was replaced there might be some water intrusion to the ECU wich the windshield indeed was replaced. Seems that the engine has been out for the marks i see on the engine hooks

What i would like to try next: Find another ECU, Replace trans fluid, check the immobilizer thing, check for other disconnected plugs.

Other notes: there is only one plug that is not connected wich i will include a picture of. also the truck does not have cats, o2 sensors are still there tho.



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