My Lnadcruiser Jump!

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Feb 16, 2008
Hi again :)

Hope you like it : :steer:


Sorry I didn't get it!!

but after seraching in Google .. I think you mean the model ..

here in Qatar ,, it's called Toyota Landcruiser ( G )

( G ) means the standard edition!

tell me if I was wrong :ban:

Thank you for passing by
Have you ever seen "The Dukes of Hazard?" Yeah Haw............
i had that horn in my car for a few weeks, but i used it so much i had to get rid of it.

I had that horn back in the 80's in high school. I pissed everyone off!..but you always knew I was coming... :steer:
Val678 jumped his once or twice, i think it blew out his steering or totally jacked the front ARB mounting..needs to be adjusted now.
Cool-What country is that?

100s can fly....
he said Qatar...

yes they can, it's the landing that's the issue... :)

Non-North American Cruisers are intended to fly. IIRC, The hood ornament assists in proper landings.

Thanks for sharing the pics. It looks as if our 100 brothers all over the world are using them well. :D

This kind of stuff is how people break their vehicles, and then ask why it broke.

just some clips in the youtube!

wish to do the same :p


Thank you for the information bro ..

it's UZJ100 = Gas

we don't use the HDJ100 here in Qatar


that's right .. I hade damaged my 1993's LC with a big jump on a dune! and my friend's hand broken!


It's in Qatar .. I'll post more for you .. to believe that it can fly :bounce:


unfortunately the jump was by a friend by my car:mad: , cuz he don't know how to use the camera in the right way!


it's hard use here LOL .. to know what I'm talking about .. just check the pix on the next reply

thank you :)


THank you


I agree 100%

cuz this's my 3rd LC I've bought .. and I was the last owner ..LOL
I need a private oil field so I can have disposable Land Cruisers at my beck and call as well.......

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