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Feb 23, 2017
Batesville, Arkansas
Like many of you, I was trying to figure out how to mount my jerry can. Here is what I was able to do. I started with a bolt that has a bushing around it. (I got it from a chain fall trolley.) I mounted it through a bearing, and part of my trailer hitch so it will turn.
Then I bought some 1.25" square tubing that fits nicely over the bolt, welded some fine thread nuts to it so my set screws land on the bolt head.
From there, I measured, and built a frame from the 1.25" tubing, and some .25" plate I had on hand, and the Smiitybuilt can holder to position the jerry can behind the spare tire.
When I got to the spare, I cut a piece of 3/16" plate to fit behind the spare to weld a piece of 1"tubing on. The plate also spaced my tire out enough that it didn't hit the spare tire holder frame.
Then I had to match a piece of 1.25" tubing to the back of the jerry can mount. The 1.25" tubing fits over the 1" tubing, and has a matching hole for a pin to keep them locked together.
Now I have a removable, swiveling jerry can mount.






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