My God, New '95 Cruiser...

Jun 12, 2004
So I got the repair splices and new plugs much thanks to Cdan, after an adventure in a post titled "Crap... need real time help in South Houston"...

Dertimined to put it all back together tonight... thought it would blow up or catch on fire because I didn't get the fuel line washer on etc... because this is an involved job for rookies...

Started up in about 4 seconds and idled so smoothly I didn't realize it was my truck that was running. Shut it off, turned the key, started up very quickly. Had to take it for a spin in the neighborhood without the hood on to see how it runs. Good thing an officer didn't see me rollin' without the hood after the :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: it took me to finish tonight... (I never got over 20 mph...).

Well I can honestly say after all the BS I went though and the job it is to replace incjectors for a non-certified mechanic, it was definately worth it.

Idled unbelievably smooth, more power, more smooooth power. I think I woke up the #6 hole with that new injector plug... it also accelerated a lot better.

I took pics during the build up so I am definately going to do a write up on it. George must be a master f'in mechanic because his site didn't help me a lot. I didn't find the need to remove the Throttle Body so I did a lot through the FSM and improvised when things didn't work out...

I can walk rookies through this PM or major PM/insane PM job. It took me around 12 casual hours (Drink beer stare... back to work) start to finish with the major issue of a badly coroded injector plug. But it is all worth it... as I stand here tonight. BTW I have repair splices for the injector plugs left over if anyone needs them.

Many Thanks to Cdan for his genius in the mater and to Jim to Houston for returing my call at my desperate hour. If you want to do it, we should definately do a DVD...

Damn, there is nothing like getting a project like this over with. I am disconecting the battery to let the ECU wake up and find new life in the am.

I still can't figure out how liquid was introduced into the injector plug... I am thinking a pressure washer from the PO. It would be difficult to reproduce the failure.
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