my get up and go got up and went

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Aug 16, 2005
Altadena, CA
i used to have a stock 60, but then i started adding stuff.

sliders, front arb, winch, roof rack....all added up and now my get up and go got up and went.

the 33's i'm running were fine and i liked the rubber overdrive, but now i'm thinking of dropping in some 4.11's. i don't really care about a higher cruising speed, or having to stay in the slow lane, i just want some torque....

will 4.11's make that much of a difference, or should i go higher?
4.11's are supposed to bring 'em back in line with 33's. Unless you plan to go bigger with rubber, I'd stick to that plan.
thanks butt -

yes 4.11's should bring it back to stock gearing, but i think the issue is all of the added weight.....just worried that 4.11's would make an 8% difference and that 8% won't be enough....
figure your rpm's at a given speed now
then multiply that speed by the difference in gearing, see where it'll put your rpms
that should give you a pretty good idea of the difference

I'd say you'll want 4.56, which will raise your rpms by about 22% vs. 3.73 stock gears. Which should be enough to feel a pretty big difference, but will certainly slow you down on the highway.
I'm running 4:56 gears with a hf55 5 speed and a torque splitter in between. I love the low end torque of this combo.
I can also run the highway at 80 mph and only tach 2600 rpms
TSH - I've got 33's and 4:11's , 2F, front ARB (no winch) rear kaymar w/tire H55, no roof rack, yet ... It gets up over the hill to Pasadena alright ;)
alright.....thanks for all the info guys.....i'd like to drop in a h55 eventually....but i think the gears will have to do for now..
if you are planning to add a 5th gear down the road, you would probably be better off with 4.56 or even 4.88 now. If you go to 4.11, then add 5th, it'll be pretty tall for any hills.
I ran 33s for years with a 2F (desmogged so it actually ran) and 4.10 gears. The speedo read just a bit low. 4.56s would be ok as long as you have an overdrive. 4.88s you would likely hate. For the record, 35s and 4.56s work nicely, I wouldn't want to go any lower, and your speedo will be right on, at least mine is.

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