My front axle is trash and it makes me feel like trash.

Jan 19, 2017
Apache Junction, AZ
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I am finally back in Arizona... well sometimes at least. My work has me flying around like I'm running from child support. I've been needing to rebuild the front end of my 80 for a while. Thankfully my income has changed and I might be able to afford to go the Walmart Great Value™ route on a rebuild.
I know my birfs need to be rebuilt/replaced, they are clicking and leaking. I think I can handle the work. I fear the third member is shot and has been for a while. I know more about how to pull start a nuclear reactor than I do a gearing. Does anyone have a recommendation on a shop or dude with a nice tree in the Mesa/Apache Junction area that can take a look at my showroom beast?
Side note, I wear my CSC club shirt when I fly (which is a lot). If you ever get a nasty email I'm not sorry, you people let me in.

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