My FJ-60 may be sold!

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Feb 7, 2002
Woodstock, GA
Cash money if he wants it...

80 content....perhaps I will treat myself to a Christo skidplate :D
The Slee skid plate is one purchase you won't regret. It's easy to install and has the proverbial Slee Offroad quality. Don't tell Christo but it's worth twice what he charges for it.
Lol, Dan if you were at the meeting on tues. I was going to ask you some questions about the 60 for my buddy Tom (with me at the family outing). He's beginning to lean towards an 80 anyway, he loved yours. (I don't know how with those puny little tires and all) :D
Time to do that bed coating paint job! I want to see how that turns out, may do a beater 40 in bedliner at some point...
You should see it with a slee bumper up front...too cool.

The bedliner thing is happening...just time is the enemy.

I WILL do the two tone (lower) sooner than later, I want those flares gone.

The upper part is where I am bedliner or not to bedliner...

I can always get a "uh-oh" paintjob for a quick and sloppy fix...but bedliner up top would kill off all my concerns for scrapes, fading, rust, etc.
Dan, theres a post on 40's section somewhere about bedlining the whole truck, might have been a threadjack. Seem to remember a couple people saying it sometimes fades bad, dont know if new bedliners are better about this or not.

hope you dont live where the trees that have the cotton that floats around are :D
Dupont coatings don't fade nearly as bad as line-x, they have a UV additive.

Learned that in my GMC bedlining moment of glory.

When you do it, post the pics. I'm thinking about lining the skirt of mine and have thought about the top as well.


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