My first FJ62 & A few questions

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Apr 26, 2010
Just picked up an '89 FJ 62 Wagon. Rough interior, decent exterior. I am going to start on the body work and paint right away...hope to have it done in the next few weeks. A few quick noob questions please. Here is a list of parts I need to get going. Possible places to purchase these parts?
  • Front Fender
  • Auto Transmission (mine worked perfectly, then quit working)
  • Ignition with keys
  • Exterior Door Locks
  • Headlight bezel
  • Complete exhaust system (options?)

Thanks in advance, will post B & A Pics
Parts for sale on this site is a good place to start. Where are you located? is one online source for used parts. Specter offroad, Man-A-Fre and Cool Cruisers of Texas are three of the larger online vendors for new and custom parts. Exhaust is tough. You might try the search function to look at ideas for a custom exhaust. I would opt to get decent condition used, stock parts at least back to the mufffler and tailpipe.
Welcome to the expense! Post up pics when you can so we can see it.

Put up stuff in the Parts Wanted section, and you might even find some of the bigger items closer to your location. Otherwise, 89GASHOG has the right answer.

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