My first 80 w/ pics

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Nov 15, 2005
Charlotte, NC
Well, due to a growing family, I've sold my 98 4Runner and purchased my first 80. It took me a while to find one, but I found a 1996 w/ factory lockers and 98k miles. She's in pretty decent shape. Carpet is a little torn up in the 3rd row and the headliner has some stains on it, but heck, she's mechanically excellent and I got it for only $9300. :D I had to drive from Charlotte, NC to Lexington, KY to get it, but it was well worth it. I'm so glad I waited until one with lockers came along, otherwise I'd kick myself if I got one without it. Its black with the special chrome package. First mods will be to dump the gold emblems in favor of chrome and get new wheel center caps. Next up, get an ARB winch bumper.
You can paint your wheel caps. Spray paint for plastics. Lightly sand, paint and replace. I think I've painted mine three times in eight years.
Nice rig

I am sure that is a rig my bro-in-law and I looked at. Was it on the North side of Charlotte?

Anyway, Sweet rig @ a sweet price.

Congrats on your 80. Short ride to pick it up too, lol. I had to fly to Chicago and drive back to Nashville for mine. 8-9 hrs. Yes I have a locked 80 too. Enjoy the quality, it is a ride....

Very nice rig and very rare one too as they only make black with chrome mirrors and door handles for the states for a couple of months but CDan would be able to tell you how long they were made
Exellent find. ARB winch bumper.... then new suspension.
congrats!!! enjoy :cheers:
Welcome and love that chrome package! Very cool.

Sweet ride! And you paid a fair price.. The way people talk on here about prices you could post that same thing in the for sale section for $14,000 and if somebody didn't have a wife stopping them or a new baby or didn't just buy something else you would get it!!!

I love black very cool.:cool:
:flipoff2: Welcome, when you replace the front bumper I might be interested in purchasing it. Have fun read all you can. Tell your wife you have become addicted and there is no known cure.
Can you give us soem feedback in reponce to the 3rd gen 4runner to this? How large is your family, quality of ride etc?

Wife and I have been debating on this several times and think we want to wait a year or 2 for a 100 series, but the price of a 100vs80 is huge! (cheapest 100 in decent shape I have seen is $15K where I have seen 80's similar to yThis will be for the wife only as a DD. No trail riding for quite some tiem if ever. (I have the 62 for that.)

If you want to get involved in a club check out Upstae cruiser's board on here. We have people from all over North and South Carolina!
You need to scrap those door handles and mirrors before they get all scuffed up. I'll tell you what, I'll trade you a set of black handles and my blue mirrors so you won't have to worry so much about the bling bling.
Nice score! If you want to see what the black with chrome package looks like all built up, Johnny, Wildyoats on this board, has built one up from stock recently with lift, bumpers, racks, etc. etc. Very sharp looking (but not for me in the AZ sun/heat.) ;) Welcome!

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