My Expedition Ready 100 Series Is For Sale!

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I found this on your web site
Price is $25k FIRM and i will not part it out or consider selling it in various configurations, its all or nothing! :)
Nice rig, good luck with the sale
Boston Mangler said:
I am embarresed, but proud to say that this vehicle has not seen any dirt, other then the light dirt road, that you can see in the second pic, its a pavement queen.

Mmmm.... sounds expeditiony.

Mmmm.... sounds expeditiony.


Yeah, i know, lame! Boooo

Its one of those: "All Built and No Where To Go" Scenarios. Sucks

The truck was built for traveling and exploring Baja, with all the recent crap going on down there, none of my friends that i like to travel with want to go there anymore, cant say i really blame them, but it kinda sucks, we are 15 mins from the border and can do some great wheeling and camping in mex within 2 hours and gas is $2.25 there!.

Most cool stuff stateside is 3-4+ hours and gas is $4.50+
OK, edited as of 8-1-08

Work has been INSANE the last month and 1/2 and i had some medical issues going on that took up all of my free time i wasnt working!

Anyway, the truck is up for sale again, and i am looking to move it fairly soon!

I truly do love this truck and its been a blast owning it, but the idea of owning our first home is winning out here! :D

Prices are dropping FAST in the over inflated SD area, so we want to be ready to jump in soon!

I tried to write up the best ad that i could to eliminate all possible questions about the rig. Its basically ready to be taken anywhere you want

If your interested and have any questions, please read the ad in its entirety and your question will most likely be answered in it somewhere! :D

Ad: Baja Overlands 100 Series Expedition Rig For Sale

Thanks for looking, and again, direct email is best! PMs are a PITA to access from work!
No problem

I will sell the wheels for $24,500, PM me if interested

Thanks :flipoff2:

If he takes the wheels for 24,500 can I have the rest of the truck for FREE?

I'm just kidding!

Building a 100 is EXPENSIVE. This appears to be a clean truck with a lot of extras. Good luck with the sale.
WOW! Congrats! That is a quick sale in the current market.

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