My dog ate my 80

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I break stuff.
Apr 10, 2006
Bountiful, UT
So, we had to vacate the house yesterday for an inspection and had a track meet to attend. No dogs allowed at the track meet so our Akita stayed in the 80. We've had to do this before and she's been fine. This time it was spring and she hadn't been for a good walk in a couple of days. First she squeezed through the open back window, adding vertical pinstripes to my horizontal pinstripes.
She's never done that before, and I swear it wasn't open that far!
Then she squeezed through the open sun roof, tearing off the wind deflector.
She's never done that before and I swear it wasn't open that far!
Each time she came looking for us at the meet. So I tipped open the sunroof so it wouldn't heat up too bad, reduced the window openings to just a crack.

When we got back she had chewed on the sliding headliner that covers the sunroof, chewed 90% through 3 seatbelts, chewed the passengers side sun visor, and chewed on the grab handle in the back.

I searched on replacing seatbelts without much luck. Any tips on this? Does anybody have an 80 they are parting out where I can get the seatbelts?

Any advice on repairing/replacing the fabric on the sunroof slide?
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Junkyard? Sounds like the dog would like a trip there too.
I would hit up the parting out section, here on mud, and get as much as you can from one person. Seems there are a lot of 80s on there right now.
Check the classified section, there are several being parted out.
Here are 2 of the seatbelts, passenger front and PS rear, and the sunroof slide.
That dog craves attention!!!!!! MIke

Yeah, life has been crazy and she's been getting the short end of the stick for attention. I'm taking her to the woods for a good long walk today.

Any tips for the actual replacement?
Actual replacement? Yep - get a nice tabby cat.....heh.

Actually, the seatbelts are easy to replace. The sunroof cover might not be too bad, either. That's one agile dog you've got there.

How can you be mad at that face though! Dogs mans best friend even if they get chew happy sometimes.
Replacement, seat belts -junk yard, dog- more chew toys! MIke
Yeah, yeah. We're not mad at the dog. She just did what dogs do. She's just never had an issue with it before, and I took her for a good walk half way through the meet. It just wasn't enough. I did contact a couple people that are parting out. We'll see what we get. Thanks.

Even at home if we leave her the chewing is minimal. She really is a good dog.
No cruisers at local junkyards. Bummer.
I was thinking of a VW for the chew toy. Craigslist or here on mud. MIke
You deserve it for putting a dog in your truck. :grinpimp:
We removed all the rear seats and seat belts, so I can get you that rear passenger belt. Be in Moab next week? I can bring em down.
Looks like my sisters 80. She just got used to it :meh: Hell her dog ripped off the window controls on the drivers door.
I miss my akita. Great dogs.

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