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I think there is a different calculus depending on various human, time, money and material inputs. I almost wish it were outlined as
a graph. I'm just going to point out some of the theoretical graph intersections. 1) if you want it on a near term
timeline then I'd go with a pre-fab'd tub. 2) If you are on a mission to learn or refine a skill for long term use .... I'd go with patch
welding it yourself. 3) If you are starting with much hazard on the tub making (2) a very difficult process then I'd go with pre-fab'd tub.

One can only say what their personal calculus is/was. I personally did not understand my desired timeline beforehand....nor even my "perfection/good" outcome.
I also did not understand the quality of what I was starting with versus what I "could" be dealing with... So I bought a fab'd tub from teseven.
I subsequently realized....I wanted to learn welding because of a different need and I didn't want to throw an old tub away that I thought
I could salvage. Having now learned welding and been thru the sheet metal portion of the refurb....I can definitely say it was a PITA
for me....but I learned some stuff. My desired outcome became a more stock look that was good but not perfect... My mantra has been
"perfect is the enemy of good"

I look at your tub and think " thats a tough tub to start out with with MY desired outcome and starting skill level".. But again that is merely MY
calculus. I think all inputs here are valid but they are just dependent on opinions, experience, and desires. Your mileage will be
different. Probably getting us all in a room over beers and ruminating about these options for several hours would be best. ;)
I never was very good at calculus :rofl:

I was more of a geometry guy... but yeah let's circle up around some pizza and beer... we will figure this out!

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