My Cruiser Update


Rum Runnin'
Apr 18, 2005
Durham, NC
Well guys, I have finally removed the intake and exhaust manifolds to find out that neither the intake manifold, exhaust manifold nor the head were cracked. I beat those frozen bolts with a cut-off tool. If you have read my other threads, you would know that that was one of my fears. The fact that the manifolds nor the head was the problem comforts me though because now I know that it is something much easier to fix, in theory. I don't think that it can get any more involved than it already is. My next step is to replace the fuel pump with my used one and the vaccum lines with silicone. If that dosen't fix it, then I will move to the ignition system and finally the carb, it could use a rebuild. As soon as I get the manifolds back on, I will tell you guys if it fired or not. Hopefully that will get done soon.

I have just one more question though. The exhaust pipe that feeds the EGR system was not fully connected where the pipe meets the manifold. In my investigation, I found out that one of the studs that holds the pipe in place had actually broken off. Could that have made my truck not idle?

Any other suggestions on what I should check to solve my problem?

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