My Cruiser died yesturday on duty protect me my life.

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And how its looking now :(
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Wow!... hope everyone involved is OK. vehicles can be replaced, people, not so much.
I am alive after a rollover and 20 feet landing ..... The cruiser is a lost esthetic. The engine still running :hmm:. I don't had insurance full coverage just because I was to busy with working for my bills and no time to visit the insurance company to take few pictures to my Cruiser.
And no buffing pad too. Aiaiaia!
Yeah, I've pretty much decided my wife will be driving a Land Cruiser and shut up about it...

So sorry for your loss. At least it died protecting its occupants; much more noble way to go.

This is where you take your gun out and put a bullet in it.

So sorry. Hope all are well.

Sorry for your loss man. Thats tuff. Hopefully you can find a nice replacement. And...Full coverage on such an old truck wouldn't really be worth it anyways. IMO. I don't have it. If it wasn't double the cost I prob would though.
i kid i kid.

No you're not.

Having felt the same pains, tough deal and my condolences on your loss.

That said, don't write it off just yet. Give it a few days to settle and simmer, then take a new look at the mechanical and structural components beneath the body to see if it may be possible to breathe new life into it via body swap.
Bummer. Hope you're OK.

This will have to do for condolence smilies...
That thing has been beat like a stepchild, but it looks like it will buff out.
Anybody else think its weird the tow truck driver is strapped ? Or is that a HP officer who also runs a tow truck ?
Its just normal for this part of country. He it is a country man too! Maybe he is doing some aside for the local LEO by pulling over people with his big truck:hillbilly:
I care a leg holster always when I teach my survival classes....

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