My cheap simple rear bumper, pics attached

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Sep 6, 2004
North West Ontario
Some folks have asked me about my bumper so 14 years ago I built this rear bumper using 2x6 steel 1/4 thick. I attached to the frame with bolts thru 3/4 steel bar. The steel bar actually goes all the way thru the bumper as I cut slots in the bumpers, so it's welded on each side.
I also put a hitch receiver flush in the face of it. There is nicer looking bumpers but this works. I'd like to put some aluminum on the top to extend under the tail gate, but that's cosmetic.
One day I'd like to add the rear tire spindle etc. Here's the pictures. I painted it last night to clean it up. I also have reduced rear quarter panels. I did them on an angle years ago.





I also want to add little sliders back to the frame behind the rear wheels.
Looks nice! Can't beat that design for ease and functionality.

If you plan on any hard winch pulls or extraction it may be a good idea to weld or install a cross beam that is parallel with the bumper back under the frame rails.
I was hoping for a soloflex..

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