My best cruiser week yet

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Feb 6, 2004
Mechanicsburg, PA
What a great week.
I installed an OME Dakar suspension on my rig. My arms are about to fall off from the pounding turning and lifting but it was worth it. A big difference over the what looked to be the original stock springs.

So, I finished up with the upgrade about 3am on Friday morning then threw the family in for a trip up to our cabin that afternoon. Great ride the whole way up.
Saturday night we heard a knock on the door and a couple of kids got their truck bogged down to their axles in mud.
Turned out to be a Jeep with 35's and about a 3 inch lift totally swallowed in mud. So with a big ass smile on my face we hooked a come-along between their rear and my front hooks. The Cruiser jumped into action without a problem. It only took a few minutes and this was pulling their rig, in reverse, up a 20 degree incline. My little kids loved it!
Maybe those young kids will convert after seeing a LC strength!!! That was sweet!
ibbee dibbee dabaaah
I took some pics after I finished the suspension but the file was too large to post.
Sorry, no pics of the swamped Jeep. It was too dark
Anyone know how to compress the file so it's under the limit??
Dakar Pics

Let's try this
Cabin LC Pic 1.jpg
Cabin LC Pic 2.jpg
Not sure.
A couple of guys on the boards say they had the same results and the springs just need to settle a bit. One guy recommended longer shackles in the front to compensate

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