My AC sounds like an AK

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Mar 12, 2014
Denver, CO
I searched the threads but couldn't find anything that spoke to the issue I'm having with my AC. It blows cold, but when I adjust it to its lowest temp setting it sounds like someone's emptying a clip [edit: magazine] from an AK-47 (video attached). It only happens with the AC and only at the lowest setting. Any ideas as to what I'm dealing with?

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Catchy title but you obviously haven't been on the giving or receiving end of an AK. Sounds more like woodpecker on metal siding.

I'm no expert on AC but I guess compressor.
Fortunately, I haven't. But if you have, big thanks for your service.

I start reading up on the compressor and see what I can come up with.
You guys are too funny.

Anyway I would have guessed I initially the blower motor itself but there is a blend door that the slider operates. It's likely hitting the blower fan. You can tell because of the delay. The blend door is not cable actuated or else the noise would be instant.
Look at the blend door/air mix servo? and not any a/c component outside.

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