My '94 FJZ80's High Beams come on randomly/won't turn off!

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Jul 17, 2016
Portland, OR / SW WA
Hi, all!

I'm having a problem w/ my '94 LC. The high beams are randomly coming on and not turning off. They come on without me pushing or pulling the left hand brights stick.

Any ideas on what could be the problem?

Right now I just disconnected the high beam bulbs from the power source so that my battery doesn't drain and die when I'm not driving the car.

Any thoughts/input appreciated!
Steering column switches are tricky. There are wires to go bad and worn out toggles.
Best to find a replacement if you don’t find a simple way to repair.
Nothing available on eBay, or at mcgeorge Toyota.
84112-80016 is the switch pn#.
Looks like oem 95-97 are available but may not be the same. Trust but Verify.

Looks like a used part may be the solution. Check the parting out 80s in classifieds.
If your high beams harness etc is getting a short to ground it will turn them on. High beams relays on many toyota's are triggered from ground.
Oh no, someone fed the Gremlins after midnight and they found your rig. :bounce:

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