My 87 fj60 bone stock

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Mar 22, 2008
Puerto Rico
ok,now i have the picture,buy it last week from the first owner with 133324 miles,a-c work great...!! many ideas,the only problem was the gas tank that its rusted,but here i read about the recall,on monday i went ot the Toyota dealer and guess what they will go to replace it for free,,jajajjaa thanks to this forum i dont have to spend $385.00 on a new one.... Jose Florida
new land.jpg
Nice looking truck. Welcome to the white cruiser club.
Just out of curiosity - what'd you steal it for? :D
Well i have no problem with the price when he told me that he wants $ 2,500.00.... i´m been follow the fj60 for manyyyy years,, i know how much they go up to on ebay,,,with rusted doors and all the issues. So i´m just bring him( the fj60) a new home without a tears.
Great looking truck! Man, I've seen a bunch of people picking up nice 60/62's lately!?
Nice cruiser. Glad you got the fuel tank fixed.
$2500! WHEE! Good deal for a rust-free cruiser!

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