my 86 22re 5speed 1stGen 4Runner

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Devilmans Hand

TLCA #19517
Aug 4, 2008
Commonwealth of N.VA
I figured it was about time to show my newest truck on here.

These three pix are what the dude on craigslist sent me...



The tree is strategically covering the big rust area under the fuel tank fill door, but its all good.

Here it is parked next to the Kamuri in Burke, where it is still parked until i get a current safety inspection tag and updated tags.

This was part of my parking brake troubles. Oil and hammer did not work, so i had to upgrade to the grinder and drill. Damn seized pin.

Most everything works on this little 4banger beast.
275k miles on the odo, but who cares. I only have receipts for oil changes and tires, so i'll be investigating this vehicle thoroughly over the next few months.

To Do List
  • replace seized iddler pulley bearing
  • fix back up lights so they come on when i put the sucker in reverse. Any ideas to pass state inspection without automatic back up lights?
  • pull the timing cover and inspect the timing chain and if metal guides have been installed.
  • address the sagging rear suspension. Maybe find some other truck springs and make a custom pack to get me a little lift in the rear.
  • replace the master brake cylinder cause the brakes aren't all correct.
  • figure out my diff ratio. I forsee 31" ATs or MTs in this rigs future.
The Good :D
  • most everything works including the rear window motor
  • new tires even though they're pep boys futura 28"
  • mostly clean interior
  • Did i mention i got this all for under $600 :flipoff2:
oh yea, anyone know what the hell went here?


and the vin plate "DOG" maybe a name for the truck, no?
It's a cream puff Sam! Looks kinda like my '87 before Ryan got hold of it.
I'm pretty stoked. Thinking expo-style rig.

Chris, I got the Camry for $320...and the fj40 for $1 and 20years of argument. Think I may be a good horse trader.

Bob, I've seen how crazy that 4runner is now.
What a steal, and there is a good chance that those hookups may have come from the factory like that.
Yeah! great score on the Runner!

Those appear to be factory harness plugs, but IDK what they are for. MY '88 Isuzu is the same way, it has factory harness plugs where no accessories were factory mounted, nor have I seen a US model with any accessories there.

I'm pretty sure your gear ratio in the axle is 4:10 to 1. I think that was standard on all 1st Generation trucks and 4Runners.
The ratio should be 4.10 , but the PO said that when he got it the 4runner had big wheels on it. I'm hoping that someone did a regear, although I doubt they had.
I'm also debating ripping out all the air con gear cause it still has r12 and adding a York compressor for onboard air. We'll see, maybe just pay the coin to convert it to 134a
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Sam, how's the frame? The typical weakness area is the passenger side just ahead of the front of the rear spring. Look closely inside the frame there and other areas as well.

I have intimate knowledge of this rust problem of the mini truck frames :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
From what I remember the frame was ok. Most f the rust was on the rear crossmember. Ill have to take a closer look later this week. Right now its parked 45mi from where I live.
I intend to wirewheel it and apply rustbullet before fall. This will be a winter truck for the girlfriend, so I need everything working reliably.
So I'm starting to think that it's been regeared to 4.56 and has a LSD in the rear. Ill Jack up the rear sometime soon count the revolutions when I spin the wheels. Is there a way to tell if I have a LSD without having to open up the cover?
I've noticed that my tires chirp when going around corners under power. When the speedometer reads 55mi/hr the speedtraps say I'm only going 50. Current tires are what my vinplate says.

Also, what are your opinions on adding helper coil springs to the rear for a mild lift and some increased load capacity?
Zuk mod.
Sam great score! I had an 87 that was a great truck one of the few vehicles I have let go and really regret it. Those first gen 4runners have great character. Dont sweat the Futures from pep boys. I ran those tires in the 90's and had zero problems and they are well priced too. Good luck making her an "expo rig" :flipoff2: time I'm in the market for a vehicle, I'm recruiting your help. Your broker's fee can be whatever gas is in the tank gift wrapped in a jerry can.
An add a leaf is much easier to install than a coil spring and no inspector will have an issue with it. You can get new front fenders from Certifit for super cheap. Address your rear wheel well rust before this Winter or you will have some big holes there that won't pass inspection in the Spring.

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