My 80 is alive and my take on a 100 (w/ pix)

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Jun 13, 2005
Alpine, UT
So, with the arrival of our third child, my wife and I have been debating the idea of keeping our 94 w/ 170K or "upgrading" to a 100 since we use it as a DD more than anything. Of course our CEL is still on and there are a few other issues with the 94 that seemed to justify in our mind the move to a 100 series.

So, doing our diligence, the wife and I set out the past month and have started test driving about 6 100 series. My first thoughts were that they are nice, a bit quieter, more power and smoother. But as we continued to drive them, I started losing my taste for them. They don't look as good as my girl (my wife feels the same!), in some cases they felt more loose and even started to feel like a Buick! Don't get me started on the LX470 with low miles! That thing felt under powered and I needed a barf bag for how "wavy-gravy" the suspension felt.:rolleyes:

On the way home from our final test drive, we felt more than happy to keep her (no payments, looks great, I've kept it well maintained, etc). Somehow, she KNEW we were test driving other Cruisers because on the way home, the CEL WENT OFF!:bounce::bounce2: Also, a couple other rattles seemed to disappear and my gas mileage has gone up! I think she was trying as hard as she could to stay in the family.

We got her home, gave her an apologetic kiss, thanked her for her loyalty, and put her to bed. No, she's not locked, has chrome wheels :)flipoff2: screw you naysayers!), clear coat starting to fade, and I haven't upgraded the rusty brush guard to an ARB yet, but we love her, and found out she loves us!

Attached are some pix I thought you might like. :cheers:

Pic 1: First weekend after we got her 5 yrs ago, up on the trail
Pic 2: Me and my to brothers, older with a 92, me with a 94, and younger brother with a 96 heading up to a back country lake on a fine afternoon in 05.
Pic 3: Made it to the lake w/ all the family. Even the kids loved it.
This post could have been written about 10-12 years ago, just substitute "60/62" everywhere you wrote "80", and put "80" where you wrote "100".
Wow cool pixs! Must be nice to have brothers who are also hook on Cruisers:D A family that drives together stays together in a Land Cruser:grinpimp:
awesome write up!!

Never let the 80 go!!
good stuff...the 80 series really does give me piece-of-mind too.
This post could have been written about 10-12 years ago, just substitute "60/62" everywhere you wrote "80", and put "80" where you wrote "100".

Yes but with one big exception, the 80 is far better off road than a 60 or 62 while the 100 isn't.

I've owned them both and I can appreciate someone who loves his 60/62 but it's no comparison especially if it's powered by the 1FZ-FE.
You made the right decision keeping the 80. You can add a 100 (or 200 that is!) to your collection down the road, but never sell the 80. :)

I'll never sell mine for sure, no matter what!
Between myself, 2 brothers and a brother-in-law, there are two 100 series and three 80 series. That's a lot of fuel to burn for one family!
I felt the same way having driven a 100 series several years ago waiting for my wife's then brand new Lexus GS300. Lexus gave us an LX470 to drive while we waited on her sedan to get off the boat. Sales guy new we drove a '94 80 series and I think to this day his thought was that I'd someday want to upgrade to a 100 series. Valiant effort on his part, but I felt the same way you do about the mushy/cushy ride of the LX470.

BTW - my CEL came on about a month ago (O2 sensors), has been off for most of the last month and came on again this past weekend. I think she's mad that she's no longer my DD.

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