My '66 modified 40 build thread plan and pics

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Feb 21, 2009
Enumclaw, WA
From my previous threads, I landed a real project or pile of craapola depending upon your view. The previous owner had started and stopped many times on various stuff on this rig. He had it for some 12 years total and began to change things ~ 8 years ago. Gone is the original motor and tranny. Gone is the dash. He installed jeep seats and of all things a jeep roll cage. The tub was sitting on the frame and fenders were attach barely for the ride home. I have no idea about what he was thinking with the rear bumper and the front bumper was not on at all.

My goal is to make it a daily driver and some offroading done for camping and hunting. Originally a red cruiser and plan on keeping it that color. Here is a the pic of my first cruiser:


Bumpers will be similar to these but not as long and the width on the front has change to 6". Still plan on using the d-rings, driving lights and add a warn winch.



Warn 5687. It is a period correct and it is on a hitch cradle that came with it. No need for the cradle so it is off to craigslist.


The previous owner either screwed up on suspension lift aka SOA or spring over axle swap or didn't have the rest of the money to fix/finish it. I was told that it just was tacked welded but no it was done wrong in the front. Aaron my suspenion welder is doing it for me. $$$ talks and I'm feeling like I'm giving it away these days. Funny how a project does it ya every time.

No shocks when bought now have a set of bilsteins for the front and rear. Thanks Bilsteins for your sale last month.

Saginaw power steering box from a '70 impala, hi-steer ordered and shipped yesterday by in Utah that should arrive next week. All I need to do now is make the frame rail support jig and weld it up along with buying a pitman arm but won't know the size until the box and hi steer are attached.

Drums brakes all around at the start but not now. I bought an '85 pickup solid axle to swap over the parts to make this cruiser have disk brakes. I found a '92 4runner parting out and bought the brake booster, mc and clutch master from it. Purchased new calipers from a '90 4 runner and '80 LC rotors. The rear drums will be rebuilt with new hardware and stay stock.

1978 Corvette engine was in the rig but painted orange like. I painted it black to match the black and silver theme engine bay I'm doing with a few billet accents. Serpentine pullies used instead of the v belt ones. I have to modify the steering hoses to work with the updated pump. The AC compressor will be changed to air compressor once I modify the hoses from it. Carb is a carter 635 and delco distributor hei unit, new 383 stroker valve covers, NGK plugs, msd wires and taylor wire separators used. Here is a pic of the new paint job...


Sanderson block huggers I bought on Ebay and am presently having them titanium ceramic coated and plan on using 2 1/2" aluminized pipe, 2 into 1 them to flow masters 40's to duel exhaust. No fart cans allowed...


Metal work needs to be fixed. I have 2 small sections of the floor that need to be addressed before painting it. The PO butchered the center section of the dash so I have asked a friend of mine that scratched built a gt40 to help. The goal is to make a clean looking center section that will allow me to use 4 autometer ultralite gauges in them and about 8 rocker switches to control the heat, headlights, driving lights, rear/reverse lights, wipers, winch power and leads, whatever I need for the eight one. I'm replacing the instrument panel with one from again simple design.
Metaltech 4x4 "Jackson" cage is due to arrive tomorrow and will be welded into place in the next few weeks. It is a full cage with extra support from the a pillar to the b pillar. It will also allow me to use their cradle to secure the front seats and tuffy console. The rear seats will house my kids and they wil be in 5 point harnesses for safety. I found a set of seats on ebay that are period correct and were in good condition. I just have to blast and powder coat them.

Painless engine and body kit.

Alpine head unit with cd and ipod capabilites
JL Audio 300/4 amp
(2) sets of JL Audio 6.5 round components XR650-cxi and csi
Jl Audio 8 inch subs
Monster cables will be used.

Metaltech4x4 had a large order from me last week and I bought their sliders, noseguard and stingers, support bars, ties in and grab bars. Thankfully the tube doors were not available or I would have bought them. The rear bumper will house LED oval brake lights. I plan on using line-x for the undercarriage and tub, fenders, hood and front/rear bumper and possibly the rear swing arm. Autobody and paint will be red like the original with a black accent and white top. The hardtop will have an upgraded side window that slides from SOR..
Ah yes sounding very nice. 66 is my favorite too :)
I should mention that I bought Cirbo's basket and plan to use with in the rear. Unfortunately, the shop that did the work welded it on the other side. What's done is done.

Also, I saw someone here that their hi-jack attached to the spare and will try something similar for mine.
Today's job:

Hard top removal, separate the top from the rest of the sheet metal and remove the nuts, bolts, weatherstripping, glass and wiring. Except for the bolts in the front above the doors that I could not remove without heat and breaking one window. It turned out ok. I needed three screwdrivers in order to get the windows out.

Thanks to those that responding to another question about window removal I found in the search. Amazing what you can find in here.
Just curious, but why would you want to relocate the handle? Thats where it goes? But to answer your question, it shouldnt be too difficult. Got to looking at mine and it is just a couple of rods connecting to the vacuum box that engages your 4wd. Depending on where you want to relocate it to, you more than likely will have to bend it a bit and maybe make a few mods, but it is a simple device.

My buddy bought a 71 40 that has the handle under the drivers dash, and the PO relocated it to the dash with a big a$$ knob. To each his own. PM me if you need some picts and I will get a few for you if it would help.:cheers:

To this day I can't figure out what he was thinking. Dash pic:


Also, anyone ever remove the handle or relocate it?
To this day I can't figure out what he was thinking. Dash pic:


Also, anyone ever remove the handle or relocate it?

Oh man, I'm feeling ya. The PO of my rig did similiar to the dash of my '68 and it pisses me off everytime I see it. Sounds like you got a good plan for your cruiser, I think that's great. Much easier to stay focused and on track on a very involved project like that. Good luck and keep us posted. - Ed
Nice!! Great year too. Keep us posted on your progress.
I removed my transfer shifter from the dash for now as I'm running a 4-sp with the shifter on the floor. Would like to keep it but only if I can find another use for it...
Sounds like a great plan, Danno. Did you get the York pulley figured out?I'll have to wander over to Enumscratch one of these days and check it out !!:cheers:
I did. A couple jeep guys around here have done that with a a chevy and told me what to do.

WhatI'm having a hard time is the hardtop. It appears as though the metal cage that attaches to the top is riveted and trying to figure out how to remove it to sandblast it. Except for removing the rivets, is there another way?

I have a 420 tranny and 3 speed t case. All the shifters are on the floor so why not remove it. Seems as though it would clean it up a bit.
Here's my take on the rear bumper with oval trailer lights + tire carrier. the part where the lights are is slanted outward, the actual bumper is 4"X6" 1/4" rect Tube. Inside the tube is plated off for an air tank, the backside has the air fittings.

Haven't finished the tire carrier part yet. Maybe this will help you for ideas as I had a hard time finding anything as I was coming up with this. It's a bit big, but thats cause I wanted it to hold a decent amount of air. I think once the tire carrier is on it wont appear to stick out as much.
FJ40 Bumper.jpg
66 is a great year ... Here is mine finialy done except for the disc brake conversion .. for now the drum brakes work great.. Go figure

FJ 006.jpg
FJ 006.jpg
hey avgas your drivers side rear tire is on backwards and it looks like you are making great progress.

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