my 60 Shrek modded 12ht turbo

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Jan 25, 2011
Trinidad and Tobago
Hi all,
I've been on the forums for a long while but never posted anything about my truck so here it is.

Shrek (my son named it it's green, loud and dirty all the time)
1982 60 series with a heavily modded 12ht diesel. Yes this is Right hand drive as I live in the Caribbean. I will be bringing this truck back home with me in a couple months as it is over 25 years old and I can.

Mods include
Full ARB lift kit (everything springs, shocks, shackles, pins, bushes)
ARB lockers front and rear
24 volt Dual ARB Compressor with 20 gal reservoir tank
280 amp 24 volt Alternator (truck is a 24 volt PITA)
200 amp 12 volt Alternator (yes one 12 volt and one 24 volt)
12 volt vacuum pump (brakes, engine vacuum) when I did the big alt I lost the pump on the back of it
prado 95 front and rear disc brakes with brembo rotors and yellow stuff pads
Doors redone with aluminum tread plate
Roof done in black and silver aluminum tread plate
Seats re done in black water proof marine leather
Interior sprayed in Industrial polymers bed liner
Exterior sprayed in industrial polymers bed liner (yes I did the entire truck)
Flairs removed
33" mickey thompsons one 15" mickey thompson alum wheels
2 inch spacers
2 inch body lift
truck completely rewired (rats nest I didn't even try to fix)
rebuilt 12 ht
rebuilt Auto tranny
rebuilt transfer case
warm extreme lockout hubs
reworked fuel pump
bigger injectors
garret turbo 37 ar exhaust 67 ar intake for 22 lb boost@ 2100 RPM
Spail 45mm wastegate
3.5 mandrel exhaust

Now you know why I am bringing it back with me, way too much work in it and I love it.

Next up bumpers and winch

I own a couple 4x4 shops in the Caribbean so I have the time and the parts to play with this ALOT.

Also a pic of my heavily modded 95 series prado



Nice chunk of mods! I just finished a swap of my exh side of a Garrett 2860RS from a .86 to .64A/R housing and what a difference in the 1HZ.

Is the ARB lift Old Man Emu or something else from ARB?
That alternator mod sounds great, 280AMPS! Also, having 12V produced by an alt for other acc would be great. More info and pics please.
Please post pics of engine compartment with alt installs. What vacuum pump did you install? As much info about the electrical upgrades would be greatly appreciated. I've got a 12V 12HT and soon to install 24V 13BT into my FJ40. I could use all the info you have. Pics please...
ok all a couple answers and a few pics for you.
The vac pump is a GAST Model Number 22D1180-205-1002 12 volt 15 lb
if I remember right it was about 150$ off JC whitney

The 24 volt alt is a denso off a toyota hyace truck I will see if i can find the part number it was around 350$ It fit with just some minor grinding on the support bracket

The 12 volt is from MVP motorsports and was for a supra also around 300$ I installed the second alt by the air box and it required a bit of fab work. First I had to move the fuel filter assy and i rerouted the bottom rad hose where it comes out of the engine. This is not a project I would recommend unless your either really good at TIG or have someone who is as it required some tricky welding on the cast parts from the engine. What also helped to make this possible is I rerouted all the heater hose and turbo water supply wasn't needed any more. If you still have all that attached I wish you luck.

ALL lift kits ARB sells are OME

Cruiserpilot if your doing a 24 volt engine in a 12 volt truck it might be easier and cheaper to just get the 12 volt controls for that engine and have the starter redone for 12 volt. Most everything for the 13bt can be had in 12 volt. Trust me a dual voltage truck is a royal pain. I did it because of where I live and the engine. Toyota never made the 12 volt controls or anything I can use for this engine. :bang:

Please keep in mind this is still a work in progress so not everything is totally finished yet. Mainly interior and I need to clean up the engine bay some
Wonder why you put bigger ( how bog ) injectors with the same pump plunger ...? if you still using the stock one ..

Not the same pump plunger the entire pump was redone. Rack stroke was done for 21mm not the 13 from stock. other than that we shimmed and remade a couple parts to achieve the higher pressure along with the increased volume.
Full turbo specs including i/d number and all specs of components used including waste gate..... Thnx

Turbo is a garrett dual ball bearing T3, Inlet 3 inches with an ar of .71 exhaust side was originally an ar of .47 but I changed to .37 to get my target boost / rpm. It is a .37 ar with an outlet of 2.5 inches.

Wastgate is a standard tial 45mm with a 22lb spring installed
to achieve the higher pressure along with the increased volume.

and what it's the direct benefit of higher pressure .?

I guess higher pressure coz higher breaking pressure injectors .? and then which was the target of both ?
and what it's the direct benefit of higher pressure .?

I guess higher pressure coz higher breaking pressure injectors .? and then which was the target of both ?

Yes it was because of the higher pressure requirement of the injectors. Really the benefit was those where the only higher volume injectors I could find that would work without reworking the entire head. They required a higher pump pressure and I required the injectors so.........

Target was 420 ish HP I got 438hp and 779 Tq Love it I pass cars all the time (well at least until I run out my gears) Truck maxes out at 75 MPH or around 120kmh It fast as hell getting there but won't go any faster than that. I can pull anything I can hook to it. (I have pulled several dump trucks and even 2 semis out of the ditch)
I didn't video the dyno run. I normally only do that for customers cars I don't really build any of my vehicles with "what the other guy thinks" in mind. I build how I want it and if other people like it then great, if not well it's my truck.

I will see if I can dig up the injector part numbers I know they are a modified cummings injector I beleive out of an early 12 valve 5.9 but I did that part a couple years ago so I don't really remember exactly.

Remember I run a shop and we build trucks every day so sometimes what I used where gets muddled after a while. Too many things to keep track of all of them.

Next in line for the truck are bumpers winches sliders and I think I am gonna do a SOA with 37" pitbull rockers. I have run those on some of my other rigs and they run great. Good highway as well.

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