My 45 build.........starting soon...

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Dec 17, 2002
Bonham Tx.
I need someone to tell me or shoot some pix of a 45 SWB bed and tell me if there a factory holes in the bed, there are 2 spaced evenly towards the front that appear to be factory drains.......

Also, this weekend I removed the brackets the PO had welded in the bed to support a shooting platform, for some reason on the drivers side he added a plate on top of the fenderwell, which trapped moisture and rusted this out, looking at my FJ40 the ribbing looks the same so I can cut a panel from a donor 40 to repair.....both the channel supports on top of the fenderwells are rusted at the bottom, I have a guy that is looking into bending some of these up, anyone else need them?
I need one chrome ring that goes around the tail light........
Also there is no way a power booster will fit in between the firewall and the 85 era Asin and linkage I have on now, anyone running a later dual circuit manual Master cylinder?
I have already swapped a front disc axle in so I must upgrade the MC
are the holes right at the front wall? if so, i've got three.

ignore the huge rust holes and the square cut.;)
Butch, you need the cab floor or the actual bed of the truck? The bed has the holes in it to access the bodymounts if I recall. Mine wasn't bolted down when I picked it up and am using some of chef's leftover FJ40 body mounts right now.. The side ribs (rectangle approx 1"x2") were sealed at the bottom trapping moisture which caused them to rust out. WHen I start I'll be bending some as well but if you get em built first holler! I need them as well. I have no idea on my floor other than possibly bead rolling a huge flat sheet to match the factory stuff. I've got a ton of pictures of yours and can match them to mine if you need assistance..
I'm not quite there yet but hopefully this spring hope to start on mine again.. As far as the master cylinder, Chef and I were going to try a manual GM master and I"ll see if we can find the PN# for you. We used this manual GM master on his Kaiser M715 and it worked awesome. Even with the boosted TOyota master my pedal feels like it's hitting the floor and the other delima of it not fitting with the bigger newer carbs. I can get you measurements on the master this weekend at Chef's. It does appear that it'll almost bolt directly up to the firewall in place of the stock 1 piston old master. I can get you pics of my floor in my bed tonight or this weekend if you wanna spec the difference in the floor of mine vs yours.. And Ige's might be a touch different as it's a removable top swb 45 and yours is fixed. whatever panels you build please let me know as I"m gonna be needing exactly the same thing very very soon.. And I'll build extra's of what I get around to doing when I get there.

The bed compound curve on the front of the bed is different on the removable top vs the fixed top..

Taillights? Can you measure the diameter of the taillight? I didn't have stock ones in my tub and Know that the 25 taillights and the old school 40 taillights are different. Wasn't sure which to order yet.
alan...i used 40 tailights and they bolted right up to those funky riser issues.
>Also there is no way a power booster will fit in between the firewall and the 85 >era Asin and linkage I have on now, anyone running a later dual circuit >manual Master cylinder?
>I have already swapped a front disc axle in so I must upgrade the MC

I redrilled the firewall and ran an '84 4x4 minitruck master cyl, bolted directly to the firewall (no booster). Has worked well for 1100 miles - pedal effort isn't bad at all - it's not like power brakes, but the truck stops easily, even with a load. I am using the OEM '65 brake pedal assembly. The '84 MC bolts right to '77 FJ40 brake lines (minor bending required), which bolt directly to '77 disk brake axles.

OK, here are the holes in question, there are 3 in the front of each corner.
Also I am certain these are not factory but there are some on the front top of my bed.
here are the supports mentioned earlier, all 4 on the tops of the fenderwells are rotten......
Here is the bad fenderwell, along with a shot of my FJ40 which appears to be the same stamping.
I went to my treasure van today and dug around, and found aMC I removed from a wrecked Camry, I'm gonna give it a shot, it will bolt on with very little modification......and here is the spacer/booster that won't fit....that is an early Drum FJ55 booster....
i've got the same drain holes on my 65 that you have at the front of the bed, on the fender, and on the top rail.

also, i've only got the supports on the rear panel of my bed.
Sorry no camera here tonight, it's on loan to a teenager right now but here's an old pic of my bed on the truck. the holes you see are stock, can take more pics once i repo my camera

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