My 40 stinks

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Jan 30, 2003
I need an exhaust. Would you all recommend a bolt on from one of the vendors, and if so which one?
Or would I be better off going to a exhaust shop and have them twist me one up?

I have a 78 with no cat, and the exhaust runs under the skidplate. I want the new system to run over the skid.

Thanks in advance.
I would take it a competent shop. Tell them exactly what you want in terms of routing. I used a bolt together system on my MG and still ended up having a shop modify it to make it work better.
i recommend the manafre kit that is matched with their 6-1 headers. very clean looking. the only thing is that i didnt pay for it, the po i dont know how much it will set you back, but i like it! 8)
Thank's guys, a shop it is.

I'd go your route FatKid, but I have no header. :D
I have SOR's clamp on. It works fine, but there are small leaks at the joints. I like the idea of being able to take things apart and move them: came in real handy when I rearranged things for fitting the winch and PTO, and putting it all above the skid plate I aquired. I had the shop weld the one joint at the flange for my MAF Header pipe when I had everything else where I wanted it. Anyone have a reversable way of effectively sealing the small leaks in and out of the muffler?
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Thank's guys, a shop it is.

I'd go your route FatKid, but I have no header. :D

they have a pipe to go from the flange up to the stock manifold... :D

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