My 1980 FJ40

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Jan 25, 2010
Long time lurker, thought you guys might like to see my 1980. I need to find the before pics.
If there is anyone on the Kitsap Peninsula looking for some good paint work I have the guy for you.
Nice Cruiser, and the correct year too! :D
Sharp!! Need more pictures.
Those half doors are beauts..does the top of the door curve down a bit where the front of the door meets the body?
Nice! Great year, color, and location (I also have a 1980, recently painted orange, and I live in the Seattle area).

You are a little further along than me is where I am:


I hope mine can look as good as yours when finished.

I would kill for some half doors like that.
Thanks guys for the kind words.
This 40 came with a top and doors from the early 70's I think, completely incorrect. It took some looking but I was finally able to find a correct top and doors off another 1980. The doors needed bottoms but the the top was in incredible shape. I had the old doors cut down to make the half doors and my paint guy rolled a top for them. What you cant see are the half doors in the back that I found off a much older FJ, 60's vintage, that I retrofitted and really look good. As far as the painter goes his name is Mike Mullens and he is over near Gorst for those of you who are local. Mike paints hot rods for a living and it took some begging but he finally agreed to paint my FJ. This guy is fantastic at what he does and stuck to his price even though there were some surprises.
In answer to some of your questions, the half door fall straight to the body, the orange was custom made by mike but is so close to a 70's Ford pickup orange you can hardly tell the difference. Caboulto, that orange looks mighty close.
I will try and post some more pics.
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Sweet color. The rig looks great.
Where did you find the roll bar padding and does it have some kind of plastic cover on it?
Wow I love the color
Nice truck ! What do you have for running gear, etc. ?:cheers:

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