My 1974 FJ40 Named Charlotte (Build)

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Feb 15, 2011
Johnson City, TN
so I bought this truck when I was 21. These have always been my dream vehicle so I thought why not buy young and work and learn and I get older too.

What I have is a 2/74 FJ40 in Red (not sure if it is Freeborn Red) 4 speed 1.5F engine.

I bought this Fj40 up in Rocky Mount VA off a little car dealership. The guy said it had been painted about 10 years before. I knew I was going to have my hands full with body and mechanical work from the get go. I drove it back the 2 hour drive which ended up taking about 4 hours to get back because of fuel stops and only going 55 because of a going bad water pump and a carb that was need a rebuild bad.

What I have done so far...

-First week I had it took it on some trails and the water pump finally went out. Limped it back home and changed that out with new hoses and water pump.

-Took off the old drum brakes and it now has disc brakes all the way around and stainless steel brake lines. If you are thinking about doing that mod don't hesitate it is worth the money!

-New trollhole carb, sandblasted: headers, intake manifold, and breather box

-spark plug wires, distributor cap, rotor button

Last night I finished sandblasting the intake manifold and pretty happy with how clean it came out! I'll be sanding and prepping and hopefully painting tonight.

Just got it up and running. It sounds like it needs a valve adjustment I think. A little clatter while it's running. Also it's getting a little pop out the exhaust when it is just idling. What could that be?
Nashville area...I'm in DC visiting my brother in law, driving back through VA tomorrow. Beautiful state!
You should bring the red cruiser around to some Appalachia cruiser events, nice bunch up that way...
Update: started it last night it ran great, got home from work and had gas all over under the truck so I guess it new fuel tank and fuel lines and hoses for me. Do any of you all run steel braided lines for fuel lines for just hard steel lines?

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