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Jan 13, 2020
Hey All, I figure I'd ask the ih8tmud brain trust for some ideas / thoughts / suggestions.

I use the MX Hauler to transport my DR650 on the back of my LC200. Below are a photos of it in action.

  • MaxTrax recovery boards
    • When the MX Hauler is lowered to the ground it sits on two steel mount loops
      • I think this is a bad design
    • I bought two Parking Curb blocks to lower and raise the MX Hauler on
    • Could I replace the Parking curb blocks with MaxTrax recovery boards?
    • I'd place the Max trax recovery boards under the MX Hauler when I put DR650 on the hauler and when I lower it to take off.
    • I figure the MaxTrax would be durable enough to handle the weight coming down and up
    • I try my best to NOT just slam the hauler on the ground
  • Recovery Jack
    • The design of the MX Hauler is not the best with the weight of my bike
    • I cannot get the hauler up completely to slide in the locking pin
    • I need to use a motorcycle stand to raise it up enough to put in the locking pin
    • Do you think I could use a Recovery jack instead to raise the hauler enough?
    • A recovery jack would be easier for me to travel with AND be more useful
  • Trail hitch tightener
    • There three spots that allow rattle on the MX Hauler
      • Again, not the best design
    • I have yet to find a trail hitch tightener that will fit on the weird LC200 trial hitch
    • You hit a bump and the trailer bounces all over the place
    • My Black Widow hauler does not move around as much as the MX Hauler
    • Any suggestions?
  • Trail Hitch Pin
    • The trail hitch pin I have is pretty short and barely fits
    • Most trail hitch pins I've seen wont fit the LC200 because of the weird hitch design
    • What do you all use?
  • Foot Peg Restraint
    • Most tie down straps I have are too long to go from foot peg right to the hauler
    • I am trying to avoid putting a strap across the gas tank as this could put pressure on the two screw that hold it on
    • Any suggestions or what you all use to do a hold the bike down right from the foot pegs?
  • Tie down straps in general
    • Any tips, suggestions, products I can get to help out?

I live in the city, none of my friends or family own a land cruiser or haul a motorcycle. I figure I ask the brain trust here. Thanks!

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Feb 4, 2005
Looks like a lot of force applied to a very long lever arm.

No reason maxtrax wouldn't work in place of those blocks, but you might need to stack more than one to get the height. What are they supposed to be doing? It looks like the loops on the carrier could hold the load.

That silver hitch pin looks sketchy. Factor55 makes some really nice ones, but most of mine (except the one I use for recoveries) are just cheapo Reese brand.

I used to tie down my dirt bikes with tie down loops and straps just above the lower part of the triple tree, compressing the front forks when tensioned. I've never tied down to foot pegs. At the rear use a loop to some solid metal part of the rear frame. You don't want it bouncing around on the suspension.

I've had good luck with a hitch tightener thing from amazon. Hitch tightener!! What are you using? -
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