Musty Smell When It Rains For a Couple Days

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Mar 24, 2016
Memphis, TN
I get a musty smell in the cabin of the LX after a couple days of rain. Reminds me of my '03 Tundra that had a notorious leak that soaked the floor behind driver's seat. I can't find any wet carpeting anywhere. I have checked the usual suspects (condensation drain passenger floor,, etc.) Anyone else found this to be true with their 100 series? Any known solution?
Check your headliner and the rear cargo area carpeting. I had a very minor leak via the roof rack that made my rear headliner slightly wet. And by slightly, I mean it wasn't wet to the touch, but if I pressed hard with a paper towel, it would show some wetness. That caused a musty smell in the summer. I RTV siliconed the bolts of the rack to eliminate future water intrusion and dropped the headliner so it could dry out. It has stayed dry since despite numerous showers.
I had the same smell when my 3rd brake like was leaking. The carpet at the rear corners would get wet. Best way to find leak is to sit in the back and have someone run water with a hose all over the roof and see where it comes in. I had to remove trim around rear hatch to pinpoint. Sure enough, brake light. Remove, clean all foam and adhesive, then pick your favorite sealant (RTV , FIPG, etc.) and reassemble.
Mine was a minor leak in the sunroof. The drain channels worked fine, but there was a separation of the adhesive at the front edge of the glass. I just ran a bead of silicone to plug it up and re-assembled the trim. No more musty smell.

There was one other leak onto the passenger floor through the air intake duct below the cabin filters. Disassembled, cleaned out the debris and RTV sealed it along the bottom seam where the original seal failed.
mine was break light. pretty easy fix. writeup on here somewhere. search my posts.
Thanks for all the responses!! I will get to looking ASAP. Love this forum!!
Brake light here aswell, made the truck smell like a damp dog. My carpet was dry to the touch but when I removed the carpet off the lower tailgate it had water behind it, like condensation.
Rear tailgate/hatch seal was my culprit

Thought it was the brake light but testing found pine needles around the rear seal and it made it so the seal wasn’t tight

Good luck

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