Multi Disply Screen going crazy, please help! (1 Viewer)

Jan 7, 2010
I recently had the ARB rear bumper installed, after 3 trips to 4 Wheel Parts (installs everything they sell) due to the fact that the bumper is from Australia, the wirings are all opposite and weird, 4 wheel guys finally got it to work while splicing into the factory hitch plug, some wires are connected to ARB's bumper signal and stop lights. BUT, after half way home, the Nav. screen is acting very bizaar! GPS works fine but sometimes screen would switch to CD function, and sometimes it seems there's a 3 second delay after I touch the screen...when I put in reverse, it took longer than before to switch to the rear camera. Right after starting the car, I would hear low "thump..thump" from the speakers like some sort of wiring touching one another with the sound system, it would stop after a few minutes. But nothing electrical has been touched to the car for almost two years! It only happened after today's splicing to make use of the factory hitch plug, what's goign on? Before I take it to the dealer, I want to make sure its the wiring in back causing it...but why would it get to the touch screen part of the deal??? Any ideas?
The only way to be sure is I'm taking it back to them to just unsplice the wires and hopefully the screen will work normally, but I don't get to have that hitch plug anymore...

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