Muffler no longer available?

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Dec 20, 2007
Norfolk CT The Icebox of Connecticut
My muffler on my 82 BJ60 has finally faded. My dealer says PNA. Can I use an FJ60 muffler? is there an after market unit that works? do i just go to Midas and find 1 that fits? original part # 17430 56260
I think most people consider just an aftermarket muffler
I AM I AM. lol, just not finding one listed . the # on the existing unit are semi readable M ( or H ? ) 0 ( or O)680 158581
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You can use whatever muffler you want. FJ60 muffler as it comes from the factory will mate with the flange pattern and use the same gasket and bolts as your BJ60.

Whether it will mount the same with the brackets I do not know but they look VERY similar and the insulators are the same.

I think it will work if you wanted to go the OEM route.
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thanks im checking now . the unit im replacing is a Maremont 158581 ,cheap on the web., thanks for the help!

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