Muffler Mount Rubber Replacment???

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Mar 13, 2003
North Front Range, CO
My rubber muffler mount is broken. I could just replace the mount but my muffler bracket on the muffler needed to be repaired so a shop welded it. Some rocks bent the muffler so the muffler to mount is not inline.
So replacing the mrubber mount might not last long.

Is there a replacment to the Toyota mount?

If not, how hard would it be to build one out of a chunk of rubber or other material?

Could I take a chunk of rubber and run a bolt through it or does the muffer need to move more?

Any ideas?
I beat my exhaust pretty bad on some large immovable objects and will soon need a cat back exhaust replacement. Broke both mounts and my exhaust rattled severely. I did exactly what you suggest with a couple of holes drilled through a block of rubber. With the appropriate hardware worked great. Consider two nuts and some locktite as you don't want to compress the rubber too much
landtoy80 - I'm ordering the rubber mount for the exhaust bracket right after the 2nd cat on my '96. It was less than $12 and the 4 nuts were free. My hanger also broke off the pipe. I thought it was a seperate bracket until I saw the parts breakdown. Guess I'll have the exhaust guy scab it back together.

The part # and price of the rubber mount (called a "Cushion") may be different for your '94, but I kind of doubt it. Have them check the exhaust parts breakdown for your year. Mine was Part# 17567-17010.
Napa has a homemade looking mount
Got the Napa muffler (insulator) mount.
It is very home made but it works.
No more noise.
Should last longer than the OEM mount.
mine was jacked up, I hard mounted it w/ some steel spacers. I can't hear any noise so I guess it works
The oem one is ruber and doesn't have the bolts run all the way through the ruber.
WHen you hit a rock with the muffler, the ruber brakes.

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