Muffler for turbo 'd 2H to pass inspection in BC

Oct 13, 2016
Vancouver Canada
Hi, I searched around for suggestions on mufflers for turboed 2H's and only found people sayin "no mufler is the way" which i know, cause its what i got now. but I brought this hj47 troopy into BC from Australia and need to get it to pass inspection to register it. so Im gonna get a muffler I can bolt on and take off later. Which by the way I mentioned to the guys at disturbed (well respected 4x4 shop that deals often with cruisers) and they sounded almost mad that I would consider taking it off after like I was being a bad guy? anyways, this is my first diesel and I don't know if there are certain parameters a muffler for this application needs to meet to not wreck the car? or can I just get the cheapest muffler I can find and slap it on?


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