Mud Pirate ship to Northern California

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40's rock

Feb 5, 2006
I am leaving the 16th headed to the Rubicon. Anyone need anything dropped on on I-40 amarillo to Flagstaff, north thru Vegas, thru Yosemite to Rubicon and back thru San Fransico, Barstow to I-40....

I have lots of room, and the big ship likes Diesel....
Does this mean you got your new junk running?
Happy Sailing!
Close, but focusing on old junk this trip....not sure I can legally pull off my jr driver on the trail since its a county road and would hate to leave one at the trail head. Need to wrap up some stuff on the new junk and beat it a little before dragging it 1600 miles.

Caged and almost ready....

full cage.jpg
Is that the old green one? On my phone it looks like your bezel is upside down. Say it ain't so.
His skid plate is still held on with zip ties. Leave his bezel alone!
Is that the old green one? On my phone it looks like your bezel is upside down. Say it ain't so.

When he uses the roll cage, bezel will be right side up fenders and aprons were primer black so we shot the whole thing flat...special ops

The zip tie is in case the welds break....all the keeper nuts are full of sheared off bolts. No sense cutting off the tag end....might need it for something else on the trail...kinda a spare zip tie holder
Have fun!

I don't recall seeing to many police on the trail in June. That might have been due to their UTV abandoned on the trail due to a broken control arm tho :lol:

Are yal running it all the way through or coming back out the way you went in?
Entering at Loon Lake, camp at Spider lake the first night, Rubicon Springs the second and out near Tahoe late the third day...that's the plan
Made it with no problems! High centered a few times the first day but no failures on the trail.
It did push alot of water first half day on the trail and ran rough but self healed

Upside down bezel is the secret sacrifice to the trail gods....Yellow and black rig broke double cardan drive shaft then scattered a u joint at the bottom of Cadillac

Spent my "project rig" funds on a new trans for the pirate ship. The overdrive made a HUGE difference, plus the ability to actually down shift on the steep grades was a god send. Out side of a hand grenaded inside rear tire in the middle of Nevada at 12:30 at night, the big truck motored along.



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The red 40 is my cousin Tim who lives in northern CA, the yellow and black is his friend Storm.....they run the Rubicon every year.
Cooper got some seat time the last 3/4 mile into Rubicon springs...
Last pic is observation after Cadillac...little truck motored right straight up, I was suprised it made it so easily w only the rear locked




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