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Dec 23, 2012
Frederick Colorado
Here is a question for the Mud braintrust.
I would like to get some opinions and then start research for my next Land Cruiser.
Here is the situation. I have a 2000 LX that I have put a lot of work into for the past 8 years, replacing the engine, new leather, steering rack, all AC components etc. However I am moving to Ecuador and import laws won't allow me to bring her in so I have to sell and replace when I get down there. We spent this summer in Ecuador and from what I saw, I have two general options, a 70 series or a Prado.

There are several factors that I have to consider and this is where I would love some opinions. First is the intended use. We will be living in a small city where a taxi almost anywhere is $2 or so and the public transit options are great. We will be using the truck for moving larger loads and traveling around the country which is approximately the size of Colorado. Second factor is fuel. The current price for regular fuel is $2.50 and diesel is $1.75. However premium is north of $5.00 a gallon. Obviously an engine that takes regular is a no brainer. The major roads are quite good. The smaller roads are anywhere between really good and standard “developing world”.

So it seems to me that the 70 offers a more robust vehicle who’s simplicity might be better suited to that part of the world. Not as comfortable as the Prado, but doable. On the other hand the Prado is certainly a proven platform, more “modern” and comfortable for a couple of 60 somethings, and familiar to a 100 series owner.

I am torn.

Thanks in advance for the thoughts.
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