MT or OEM power steering

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May 1, 2009
I've got an 82 original stock FJ40. I purchased a complete MT steering setup-pump, box, reservoir, hoses etc. for the conversion. Should I use this or try to get an OEM system ? This year has power steering available. I want the vehicle to retain its originality to keep its value. I also know that the OEM setup is very hard to get. If I should go with the MT, is the better choice the GM pump VS the toyota MT pump?
If you want originality then you need to go OEM.
what's an MT set up?

finding a complete OEM set up will not be easy, but you can make one/piece one together.

Landpimp did a write up years ago about getting an original casting and using mini truck guts in the casting, get a pump and bracket, a few lines and you'll either need to space your column out from the firewall or shorten your inner shaft on the column.
MT for mini truck.

Thanks, I was thinking it was a "brand" name.

if it's mini truck, there isn't much difference between that and OEM.
I went with the 60 series setup start to finish. I'm quite pleased with it but then again my goal is to just keep the rig all Toyota, if I can help it, not OEM. If you are really trying to stay the OEM course then source out an OEM setup.
I would use the MT set up if you already have it. You can always take it off later. I would enjoy the power steering as soon as you can.
My .02
I am getting info on OEM parts. If I want to sell the MT setup, I'll pm you. It'll be a few days.
If you decide to sell the MT setup, PM me. I would be interested in it.
My setup only includes the stock bracket with the MT pump. I do not have the conversion brackets. Still looking for OEM parts. Let me know if your still interested.

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