For Sale MSR Whisperlite backpack stove, vintage (OH)

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The Cruiser Whisperer
Sep 26, 2003
Lancaster, Ohio, USA
United States
For Sale: My well traveled, well used 1986 MSR Whisperlite backpacking stove. Has been on backpacking, canoeing, 4-wheeling adventures all over the country, never a problem. Runs on white gas (coleman fuel). Lightweight & folds up compact. Very powerful. Not particularly throttle-able, best for melting snow and boiling water. Comes with rollup aluminum reflectors, jet clean tool, wrench, instructions. Made in USA.

Also included:
Sigg aluminum fuel bottle with cap & pour spout. Made in Switzerland.
Sierra west nylon stuff sack. Made in USA.
Other crap in picture.

Runs fine. Selling because I'm no longer backpacking & sleeping on the ground.

Asking price is $30, can pick up in Central Ohio.
Add $15shipping for Priority Mail to anywhere in USA.



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I bought this same stove in 1995 and use it to this day. It’s a fantastic piece and would recommend it!
Ill take it. I’m in Columbus and can pick up.
That's great, saves trying to ship a flammable thing in the mail.
XLX, please gimme a call me at severn for 0h . ate 6too . To sixzero fore., to arrange pickup of your prize.
Or email me using my 'Mud name at gmail. com.

Just PM'd you. Are you available this sat for me to pick it up? It will give me a good excuse to take old fj for a little cruise.
sounds cool, I like the vintage stuff better than the new stuff. thanks
What time will you be back in your shop. I think I have my grandsons baseball game to work around tomorrow. Thanks
My new car is an 88...

Old FJ?? 1992 is a new car in my world. ;)

We can go for a drive in the 1962 to get a sense of old FJ.
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The $30 admission fee was well worth the tour, and I got a free stove (and fuel) out of the deal. Thank you!

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