MR2 Won't Start Warm

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Get a Fiero instead??? ;p

So it will start cold, but not warm? Wont start at all, or cranks then dies?

Actually, isn't there another forum for non-cruiser tech?
I didn't know there was a non cruiser forum, anyhow, the guy says it cranks but won't start without using starting fluid or let it cool of for 15 min.

Get a Fiero instead???
Both Fiero's suck...
It must be vapor locking. The motor is a mid engine design and there is a cooling fan like one on the FJ60 that is not running when the motor is on or off.
I guess it should turn on when the motor is turned off.

The guy said that the last owner had a problem that the motor would shut down when it got hot but this owner never had that problem but he got it in Oct. 07.

I am not sure if the rear motor fan should run when the motor is on but if it should I bet that would be the problem.
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