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Jul 20, 2012
Mount Pleasant. South Australia
Hi guys im new to this but urgently need a q answered. where is charge lamp relay on hj60 12ht? Turbo/ battery and other lights permanently on. new alt installed and no change. also how do i test relay? Cheers
You will find it behind the right hand side kick panel.Passenger side for left hand drive HJ60.

Here's how it looks like,and how you test it.
charge lamp relais.jpg
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Thanks sved, i should have specified..its a 12 volt system.. Is the wiring and pin configuration different from 24volt if so can u please show me the pin configuration and how to test. cheers..
Hi again. Got more questions.. Got a mate who's interested in patrols...yuk Haha. GU series 3. Turbo three litre. Anything bad he should know? Please be un bias cruiser lovers
here you go.....

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