Moving to Phoenix!!! Gotta question for all and need y'alls advice (1 Viewer)

Sep 6, 2003
Austin, TX until 8/04 then Chicago, IL until 6/11
Hello y’all,
My name is Patrick and my truck’s name is Eleanor. My sig line will fill you in on her.
I’ve been stalking this page for some time since I found out I would be moving to Phoenix in July.
I really look forward to meeting y’all and to getting out a little more with Eleanor.
So I need a little forum love: I need a place to live.
I’m looking live near Phoenix Children’s Hospital (where I’ll be working).
Hoping for a 2+ bedroom rehab house with a garage that is dog friendly. Got a girlfriend and a dog and need to accommodate both. Would love to have a couple of bars within walking distance and the ability to walk to food.
Heard about Coronado and Escanto areas? Also heard that the Historic districts were solid places to live.
Any suggestions? I would appreciate any and all input you guys/gals have.

I really look forward to meeting y’all and seeing all those beautiful rust free landcrusiers.

Oct 27, 2009
Phoenix - Arcadia
Are you looking to buy or rent? What's the budget? I used to live in the Cheery Lynn Historic District which is very close to PCH. I am a bit farther east now but my office is still near there. Give me a shout and I can get you headed in the right direction.:cheers:

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