moving seat rails

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Jun 16, 2003
Monroe, WA
Has anyone figured out a way to move the seat rails back to get more leg room? I have a '79 with stock seats and want to get a few more inches of leg room. I read somewhere about reversing the rails...but cant remember how.
I did reversed the rear brackets on my 78 to move the seat back. The 79 is a different tub design so I am not sure what your seat brackets look like. IF they are the same as the 78, it is easy. IN the back there is a bracket on each side. it is bolted to the floor. It leans forward. unbolt the rail, both rear ends and the passanger side from the floor bracket. unbolt the front left driver bracket from the floor. Unbolt the rear brackets from the floor and turn them around. bolt back down. move the seat rails back and bolt down. Redrill the floor bracket on the driver side and bolt through the floor. On the Passanger side front. one hole of the old mounting should line up. use that hole only. You just added about 4 inches to the leg room;

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