For Sale moving sale - 80 series parts

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Always parting 80s
Jul 27, 2008
Dublin GA
selling the farm house so i have a ton of stuff in the barn and i dont want to move it. i have way more than what is pictured now so check back or just ask if you need something you dont see. prices do not include shipping.

442 trans, the valve body and solenoids are gone but it worked when pulled. i know its basically worthless but i will haul it for scrap if nobody gets it. asking scrap price of $25
transfer case, missing CDL motor. $100
Exhaust manifolds. OBD1 and 2 styles. $30 for a set
Heads. not sure on the condition but if you wanted to get on worked rather than deal with downtime waiting on yours to get back this is the best way to go. $100 each.
343 trans. $100
door lock actuators $30 each
window motors $20 each
1FZ dizzy SOLD
alternators $20 each
Front knuckles $35 each
Front axle housing $50
Front spindles $30 each
valve cover $30
Rear driveshafts $20
H1 wheels SOLD
H1 tires SOLD
Intakes $50 complete, for pieces such as TB and injectors PM me.

I have a complete OBDI engine that popped the HG. if you need parts or pieces of the wiring harness PM me. i have already cut 2 pigtails off so i have no problem getting you a piece.



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and all PMs have been replied. if you want pics of something or have questions about other parts just pm me. rather sell it or scrap it than move it to the new house in town.
All tires and wheels have sold locally, will remove pics and prices when I can get to a computer.
sold the Dizzy and the Grille and 2 heads, still have one left.
Bump for @slow95z !!!!

Great communication, immediate shipping, parts exactly what I was hoping for!!!! Thanks!!!
after thanksgiving bump. still have a bunch of stuff and i hate to haul it to the scrapper but i will if it doesnt sell. make me some offers!
How much for Transfer Case + Rear Driveshaft?? Shipped to 35022

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