Moving back to rebuilt Aisin from Rochester (1 Viewer)

Aug 11, 2020
I'm having Mark 65swb45 rebuild my Aisin and he asked that I post some images here rergading some of the unknowns we discussed. The fuel fitting is missing on the Aisin and here's what the Rochester has on it now. Hard line all the way to the fuel pump. Will I be able to keep this line with the OEM setup? Is it the OEM setup now? Is there a better way? Suggestions are appreciated.

Also, the current throttle linkage is a cable setup. Does keeping this and modifying the Aisin to work with it make sense? Is ther a fitting I can add to to for an easy fit? Bad idea?

thanks to Mark 65swb45 and anyone else with comments.


fuel fitting 2.jpg

fuel fitting.jpg

throttle cable linkage.jpg

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