Moving and or replacing front seats

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Feb 5, 2006
Hi guys ... I'm 6'3 but only 180lbs .. I would like to give my self a little more leg room in my 1996 lx 450 ... I removed that stupid plastic foot thing on the left side of the floor ...That made some room ... I am unfortunatlly blessed with being very handy ... fabricator by trade .
So have any of you fine gentelman relocated your seats back an inch or 2 .
My leater seat is showing signs of wear ... but all the power little gagets are still working fine ...I was thinking of some nice sheep skin covers ...
Theres a site that sells custom fit sheep covers ... they look really nice ... there top of the line ones are tailor made ...$500.00 ...Holy C**P ...thats what I say ... but they do look nice , the more reasonable priced were 200 .
Thanks Guys
Landtank on this site sells a bracket that raises the front end of the seat 3/4 and allows 2" more adjustment to the rear. Many tall guys have reported this as nirvana. I think they cost $85.

I personally just wish the seat was wider...I am 6'2" and 170 lbs and I like the seat upright and forward, especially for offroading, but it's narrow with the side bolsters and my arse hurts :frown:

Costco has some grey sheepskin covers that fit nice and look nice for 30 bucks a pop....
Before I made this kit for moving the seat on the rails I thought about just moving the seat on the floor. What caused me some concern was how that might effect an insurance claim in case of an accident.

Also you would need to raise the front of the chair up considerably more than the 3/4" I did to get that front foot on top of the hump in front. This would put you in a very reclined position all the time.

Somebody did just what you're talking about recently and posted some pics so you can see what I mean.

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