mounting gauges on your roll bar?

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Jun 15, 2005
SoCal - westsiiiide
So, I have 3 gauges (volts - oil pressure - gas) that are in the only open spot I have right below the steering column. I am possibly going to add a 4th and have no room (auxillary tank gas gauge). I can see them when I tilt my head.. but I was thinking of moving them to the roll bar to the drivers left at around dash or eye level. just stack them right up the roll bar. much better viewing that way.

so, does anyone have any pictures to post up of this setup on their 40?

or, I am looking for suggestions on a very clean setup that:
(1) allows for the standard 2" gauges to be used and I will just toss the chrome mounting panels I use now that hang below the dash
(2) totally encloses the gauges so there are no brackets or wires seen (except for the wires running up the roll bar which I will hide in split loom)
(3) will fit around the stock diameter roll bar in an FJ
(4) not super modern looking like made for a rice burner, just clean and easy to attach to the roll cage and feel like a 'truck'
(5) 3-4 gauge cluster or singles will do.

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