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Mar 27, 2003
Houston, TX
I have a 1999 100 series. I will be making many late night trips on rural unlight Texas highways. I want to mount a set of driving lights on my bumper, but I don't know how to. I did it on an 80, using the bumper bolts that are showing. The 100 series bumper is all plastic stuff, and no bolts showing. Has anyone drilled a hole in the plastic and mounted lights straight to the bumper? I do not want to waste money on a cheap grill gaurd. As I plan to get an ARB...well after I graduate college and get a job, etc... The other option would be a roof mount. I don't know how much light will be given off with this compared to a bumper muont? No one will be with in miles 20 miles of me on the roads, so no cops will see my rooflights getting used on public roads :G I would consider mounting a quality roof rack, seeing how that will have future use. I just don't know how I would wire the lights to the roof. I am scared to drill a hole, is that what you do? I cheated on the 80 series when I put lights on the roof...I used a hole from the roof rack.

Basically, can I mount lights on the 100 series front bumper, or should I go to the roof? And, if I go to the roof how much usable highway driving light will I lose? :dunno:

Aug 29, 2002
Port of Indecision...otherwise Northern Arizona
Just guessing based on the 80 series, but you might look at the front frame on the top. The 80 have a couple of unused captured nuts that I've seen used to hold CB and driving light brackets.

Basically you can make a bracket shaped like such:


The lower portion bolts to the frame, while the top part sticks out in front above the bumper for you to bolt you light to.

Clear as mud?

I'd stay away from roof lights for what you want to do for now.

Apr 10, 2003
If you decide to drill holes in the bumper, just make sure you back them up with some flat metal stock (1/8" thickness should be cool) on the underside of the bumper. If you put them on the roof remember that they gotta be covered to be legal, but personally I wouldn't use them up there, they tend to blind you reflecting off the hood. :G

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