Mount on Center Cluster, Lower Right Side

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Feb 6, 2010
Quick question.

Has anyone mounted or screwed in anything on the lower right side of the center cluster?

In the photo below, the location is right behind the red trim tool on the dark brown (not the piece of black trim being pried off).

I'm thinking about mounting a Ram ball there for a tablet mount. It would stick out at about a 45 degree angle towards the right side of the vehicle. I wonder what's under there and if it's safe to attach something to it. Thanks.

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Think most are probably hesitant to drill into areas of the dash that can't be easily replaced or covered to return the vehicle to stock. You could get a look at what's behind there by popping out that plate as they're doing in the pic. I think it's just formed plastic with foam and vinyl over it.
One of the key things about having a stable mount from that area (Pro.Fit or others) is a second contact point at the dash somewhere.

For on road the single point is fine but any thing off road or with lots of body motion you'll experience the tablet moving quite a bit.

My install using the Pro.Fit has my radios also connecting to the dash at the top using a NiteIze Steelie.
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